Death Valley Plants
Indigo Bush

If you happen to see purple bushes while driving through the Mojave Desert during late March through May, there's a good chance that you are looking at Indigo Bush. The flowers produced by this bush are intensely blue, violet, or purple, and often it seems that the flowers outnumber the leaves, at least for a couple weeks during the spring. A close look at an individual flower reveals...

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Plants that grow in the Death Valley area and the Northern Mojave Desert with special attention placed on those areas in the vicinity of Trona, California! Lots of wildflowers, cactus, and other desert plants!

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Rock Daisy

Rock daisy is one of the most dependable bloomers that grow in the desert in and around the Death Valley area below an elevation of 5000 feet. Most often growing at the base of rocks by the side of a wash, even during dry years plants are likely to yield attractive flowers. Producing white ray flowers around a...

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