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VIDEO: Sweet Cat Right?

Olivia Rodrigo and Johnny Cash have so much in common. Both are singers and they both have fussy cats!

VIDIO: Sometimes To The Extreme

False compound words can be confusing and may sometimes even result in serious misunderstandings. There are many types of....

VIDEO: Trump Hating Turds

Misuse of the legal system for political purposes should be taken seriously. Lawfare is a term which has been used a lot lately....

RUSKY ED: Super Ultimate Mega Review Lesson 05

Rusky Ed tells some dirty jokes and discusses the difference between soil, mud, and dirt.

VIDEO: Never Surrender (A Psychological Analysis of Fani Willis)

Those attacking Trump seem to suffer from an array of mental dysfunctions best characterized as Trump Derangement Syndrome....

VIDEO: A Song About Buckwheat

There are so many species of buckwheat that it's mind-boggling. Add unto that all the subspecies and varieties and....

RUSKY ED: Super Ultra Mega Revew - Lesson 04

Rusky Ed presents a lesson full of highs and lows. That is, the words for full, high, and low are featured in this lesson.

VIDEO: Sweet Cow O' Mine

This is a parody version of a song which was popular way back in the late 1980s. You might notice voices singing along with me during the chorus....

VIDEO: The Hunter Biden Trash Art Song

Is Hunter a bad boy or is he just being unfairly scrutinized? I suppose the answer to that question depends on who you ask.

RUSKY ED: Super Ultimate Mega Review - Lesson 03

Why don't Americans like to eat snails? RuskyED answers this question in the lesson and he discusses some very useful words too!

VIDEO: Victoria Nuland (The Cookie Lady)

What did she do to earn "The Cookie Lady" as her nickname? Inquiring minds want to know! And why does she swear so much?

VIDEO: Pussytoes (Antennaria rosea)

Pussytoes is a common name for plants in the Antennaria genus of the Sunflower Family. For some reason the word "pussy" has come to be seen as inappropriate....



VIDEO: Trail Signs

How do you avoid getting lost while hiking out in the middle of nowhere? Do you bring a map or a GPS or do you just follow the signs?

VIDEO: Cowboy Toilet Paper

What would you use if you ran out? There are many possibilities, but cowboy toilet paper (aka, mullein) gets the job done!

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