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VIDEO: Adopt Or Be Left Behind

This is a story about a visionary genius named Elon Musk who is developing something called a neuralink brain chip. Some say this is a good idea and others aren't so sure about it.

VIDEO: Leap Day

February twenty-ninth is somewhat problematic. It happens only once every four years, during a leap year, and for this reason....

VIDEO: Valentine's Obsessions

There's actually a fragrance one can purchase called Obsession. I suppose that the idea is to suggest that by spraying oneself with this perfume that one becomes....

RUSKY ED: Corruption - Super Ultra Mega Review Lesson 10

Rusky Ed talks about corruption, propaganda, and then he tells a few awful jokes in both English and Russian.

VIDEO: Matilda Walsh

After making a movie called "What Is A Woman?" Matt (now Matilda) Walsh decided that he knows what it takes....

VIDEO: Juniper Berries

If you do much hiking in the southern Sierra Nevada range, you'll come across large gnarled juniper trees from time to time. They can be quite impressive. An interesting feature of junipers is....

VIDEO: The Gender Agenda

A life of illusion is just part of the deal and probably not the worst part. Let's be honest, many people are not....


Would Oprah Winfrey make a good president for the USA? Would Michelle Obama do well as vice president? Would they be able to defeat Donald Trump in an election?

RUSKY ED: Snow - Super Ultra Mega Review Lesson 09

Rusky Ed talks about the cold facts about snow including snow shovels, polar bears, and snowballs in this video.

VIDEO: Prepare For The Worst
(Hope To Survive)

Is it possible to have an upbeat doom and gloom kind of song? Well, if sweet and sour pork exists, then it must be possible to be optimistically pessimistic.
VIDEO: Person Of The Year

If you're like me, you barely notice who is selected as Time Magazine's Person of the Year. In fact, it seems that Time Magazine is barely relevant anymore....

VIDEO: Design A Flag
(The Vexillological Song)

Humans seem to really like flags. There are flags for countries, organizations, sports teams, schools, ideologies, and who knows what else. As you might guess....



VIDEO: Trail Signs

How do you avoid getting lost while hiking out in the middle of nowhere? Do you bring a map or a GPS or do you just follow the signs?

VIDEO: Cowboy Toilet Paper

What would you use if you ran out? There are many possibilities, but cowboy toilet paper (aka, mullein) gets the job done!

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