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Video: Deer DNA

Although deer are not the first thing you might think about when you hear the name Death Valley, there are quite a few deer residing in Death Valley National Park and the northern Mojave Desert in general. What most people don't immediately realize is that the elevation in Death Valley National Park ranges from a low of 282 feet below sea level to a high of 11,049 feet above sea level. The particularly amazing thing about...
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Songs and videos created by blackturtle.us, featuring desert and mountain scenery, donkeys, tarantulas, lizards, and more! Lots of videos shot in the Panamint Valley, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, and Sierra Nevadas!

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Plants that grow in the Death Valley area and the Northern Mojave Desert with special attention placed on those areas in the vicinity of Trona, California! Lots of wildflowers, cactus, and other desert plants!

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Go directly to YouTube and view the BlackTurtleShow channel where you will find plenty of humorous musical videos that may be slightly warped or demented, but all in good fun!

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Information about the eleven novels published by blackturtle.us, including quick summaries, back cover blurbs, links to online retailers, and some discussion of themes developed in these books.

Video: Somewhat Incoherent

This particular cow camp is not all that easy to get to. After driving in ten miles on a somewhat rough dirt road, it takes another seven miles of hiking to reach this site. Although the first four and a half miles are on a trail shown on published maps, the remaining two and a half miles are on an unsigned, faint trail not shown on standard maps. Keep in mind that once you have visited this cow camp that...
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