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VIDEO: Keep Your Feathers Clean

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness and although that might be a bit of an exaggeration....

RUSKY ED: Amaryllis

Rusky Ed talks about eleven plant species which belong to the Amaryllis Family which are found in Russia.

VIDEO: Close The Gate

Gates come in many different forms. Some are physical and some are social. In the realm of the physical...

VIDEO: Crazy Headlines

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between real news, fake news, and comedy news. Most people can tell the difference, but...

VIDEO: Better Is Good, But Best Is Better

If better is good and best is better, then does that mean that best is good? Circular logic: Gotta love it!

VIDEO: Bald Wife Jokes

The "Slap Heard Around the World": Was it a publicity stunt or is Will Smith just plain crazy?

VIDEO: Barbed Wire

There's plenty of reason for calling it The Devil's Rope. It has more than earned that nickname!

RUSKY ED: The Primrose Path

What do people mean when they speak of the so-called primrose path? Rusky Ed talks about both the path and the plant...

VIDEO: Clothing Labels

How many clothing tags or labels do you have at your residence? What's the point of clothing labels anyways?

VIDEO: A Little Bit Of Snow

Snow comes in many different forms. It can be powdery, icy, slushy, and various combinations of those properties.

VIDEO: Water Bottle

It's a good idea to always take a water bottle along with you on any hike you do in the wilderness!

VIDEO: Seeds In Your Socks

They're persistent and they're annoying and they're not easy to get out of your socks! Here's a helpful trick you might try.



VIDEO: Trail Signs

How do you avoid getting lost while hiking out in the middle of nowhere? Do you bring a map or a GPS or do you just follow the signs?

VIDEO: Cowboy Toilet Paper

What would you use if you ran out? There are many possibilities, but cowboy toilet paper (aka, mullein) gets the job done!

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