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VIDEO: Don't Damage The Flowers

Wildflower displays can be spectacular and sometimes they attract large crowds of people who wish to see the flowers up close and in person. The problem here is that....

VIDEO: Willow Catkins / Word Sanitizers
Salix discolor is commonly known as pussy willow, especially during the spring when it produces catkins. During their early stages of development, male catkins look like little cats. In the days of yore....
RUSKY ED: Equinox and April Fools' Day

If you are reading this, then you apparently survived April Fools' Day! Celebrate by watching a Rusky Ed lesson. You might actually learn something!

VIDEO: Veggies Are Bad For You

Many people tell you that a plant-based diet is the most healthy diet out there, but the latest research seems to contradict this claim!

VIDEO: Prickly Plants

Lots of plants have pricks, thorns, or spines. Some even have little hairs that pierce and irritate the skin. It's fair to say that not all plants are friendly!

VIDEO: Joy Reid Stole
Donald Trump's Hair

How someone named Joy can be so angry and hateful is indeed a mystery, but she does work for MSNBC where hate and anger are prerequisites for the job. That said, there are a number of things....
RUSKY ED: Election Integrity - Super Ultra Mega Review Lesson 11

Do you trust the election results in your country? Do you think someone might be a dirty, rotten cheater?

VIDEO: Rolling In The Mud

The actions of Letitia James and Fani Willis can be reasonably characterized as both spiteful and capricious. More to the point their actions constitute....

VIDEO: Adopt Or Be Left Behind

This is a story about a visionary genius named Elon Musk who is developing something called a neuralink brain chip. Some say this is a good idea and others aren't so sure about it.

VIDEO: Leap Day

February twenty-ninth is somewhat problematic. It happens only once every four years, during a leap year, and for this reason....

VIDEO: Valentine's Obsessions

There's actually a fragrance one can purchase called Obsession. I suppose that the idea is to suggest that by spraying oneself with this perfume that one becomes....

RUSKY ED: Corruption - Super Ultra Mega Review Lesson 10

Rusky Ed talks about corruption, propaganda, and then he tells a few awful jokes in both English and Russian.



VIDEO: Trail Signs

How do you avoid getting lost while hiking out in the middle of nowhere? Do you bring a map or a GPS or do you just follow the signs?

VIDEO: Cowboy Toilet Paper

What would you use if you ran out? There are many possibilities, but cowboy toilet paper (aka, mullein) gets the job done!

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