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VIDEO: Encased In Wax

Moths can be extremely annoying and when they invade your house they can be more than just a little unpleasant. There are many types of....

VIDEO: Dipterostemon capitatus (aka, Blue Dicks)

Plant names can be pretty funny a lot of the time. What was proper and unremarkable during one time period, may come to be seen as....

VIDEO: Don't Be A Hypocrite

YouTube indulges in blatant hypocrisy as a matter of habit. Although there may be thousands....

RUSKY ED: Saussurea

Did you know that John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan are all pea lovers?

VIDEO: Popups, Spam, Clickbait, and Listicles

There are lots of things which are annoying about the internet and the World Wide Web in particular. Most of these things are....

VIDEO: Don't Be A Pussy

Is it a word crime to use a word with more than one meaning? George Carlin listed only seven forbidden words and....

VIDEO: Packets Of Seeds

Like many plant enthusiasts who live in areas with cold winters, I spend the winter making plans for my garden. I do research on....

VIDEO: Radioactive Slime

There is an abundance of sports and energy drinks out on the market these days. A somewhat new one has become a bit of a sensation....

RUSKY ED: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Does this word actually translate into something intelligible in Russian?

VIDEO: Drug Enforcement Raid

Anonymous tips are often made for nefarious reasons. Sometimes it's revenge. Sometimes jealousy. On the other hand....

VIDEO: Welcome To Neocon Hell

Interfering in the affairs of others often leads to trouble. The Neocons never learned that lesson. In fact, they've gotten....

VIDEO: More Snow

Some say that it is beautiful, but too much of a good thing is not a dream come true!



VIDEO: Trail Signs

How do you avoid getting lost while hiking out in the middle of nowhere? Do you bring a map or a GPS or do you just follow the signs?

VIDEO: Cowboy Toilet Paper

What would you use if you ran out? There are many possibilities, but cowboy toilet paper (aka, mullein) gets the job done!

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