Wild Weeds
The Return of Carlos Danger

      Like some annoying person who keeps showing up at every party you go to, Anthony Weiner (aka, Carlos Danger) is back in the headlines. How is it possible for some guy sexting his private parts to underaged females to have any effect on a presidential election? Well, if your wife is Huma Abedin and she works as a key staff person for a presidential candidate representing one of the two major political parties and there is a controversy which winds up somehow involving a computer which you used to send an explicit image to a minor, then it would seem that anything is possible. At any rate, this song is an update to a previous song about Anthony Weiner and his notorious alter ego, Carlos Danger, which was posted in 2013.

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It was just a little backup - nothing all that complicated
A few classified emails and some pics that he created
But the FBI intruded on his sick and twisted game
And so now he is a legend in the Pervert Hall of Fame

You might already know
But then again you might not
That the water he's in
Itsa spicy, spicy hot

Now his legend keeps on growing though that wasn't quite the plan
And there is no use denying he's a macho, lady's man

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