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Identify That Song (Volume One)

      Guessing games are kind of fun, at least sometimes! In this video I present the first few seconds of five songs posted to my YouTube channel and ask viewers to see if they can guess the name of each song. Regular viewers obviously have a better chance of guessing correctly, but even people who have never watched any of my videos before have a chance of figuring out the name of each song since visual cues are provided. Each song is an original song which I wrote and performed and although I'm not the most skillful musician or the most wonderful vocalist, many people have enjoyed listening to my songs and watching my videos on YouTube. To check out the blackturtleshow channel for youself on YouTube just click the link provided below!

BlackTurtleShow Channel on YouTube!

Watch video on this page at YouTube!

  Song Links:

    Song One
    Song Two
    Song Three
    Song Four
    Song Five

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