Wild Weeds
Tarantula 2012

      It seems to happen almost every October. I'm out hiking in the desert as usual and I happen to encounter a hairy spider crawling along minding its own business. Naturally, I pull out my camera and bother the poor critter for a several minutes and take a few video clips of it doing whatever it decides to do. Of course, when I get home I put together a song and a video and upload the finished project to YouTube. In fact, if you peruse the songs page by clicking the Songs/Videos link at the top of this page, you'll find eight such projects! As previously mentioned most of these encounters with tarantulas occur in October. Oddly enough, there was one occasion on which I came upon a tarantula in January, but all other encounters have been in October or late September or early November.


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Looks kinda mean looks kinda scary
Ugly and nasty and a little bit hairy
Missing a leg - forgot it somewhere
But he hobbles along like he doesn't care

Get outta the way
It's gonna get creepy

Crawling up your arm and into your dreams
Messing with your head, feasting on your screams
The hunger he's got never goes away
The spider in your head is there to stay!

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