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Tarantula 2015 (Fuzzy Legs)

      Seldom a year goes by in which I don't see a tarantula during October while out on a hike in the northern Mojave Desert. Although it's possible to get scientific in the process of discussing tarantulas, there are also the whimsical aspects of tarantula encounters which allow one to play around with the entire concept of large, fuzzy spiders roaming through the desert. Undeniably there is a certain similarity between the legs of a tarantula and a pipe cleaner (particularly if we are talking about a dark brown or black pipe cleaner). In fact, around Halloween time (coincidentally also in October) it is not uncommon to see little tarantula decorations made with pipe cleaners. For instance, lollipops are sometimes adorned with legs made out of pipe cleaners arranged in such a way so that the final product resembles a large spider. Generally speaking, it is quite common to see some sort of large spider creation, constructed utilizing pipe cleaners, among the other Halloween decorations on display during the last several days of October. Pumpkins carved into Jack-o'-lanterns, witches on brooms, skeletons, scary monsters, and large fuzzy spiders are all abundant around Halloween time, but the only one of these Halloween icons that you're likely to encounter while out in the desert are the spiders (and maybe a donkey skull or two).


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You have such fuzzy legs
For a razor's touch they beg

You romp around the desert
Good hygiene you reject
Your legs look like pipe cleaners
Shaving you neglect

Stop your misbehaving
Your fuzzy legs need shaving

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