Wild Weeds
Terrible Aim

      According to an old adage, there's someone out there for everyone. The problem is that finding that special someone isn't always easy and more often than not, you're likely to wind up with a mismatch than a match when playing the dating game. In the search for the "right" person it is likely that many "wrong" people will be encountered along the way and that many unpleasant situations will be experienced. While there are online dating sites which are supposed to increase the chances of meeting that perfect someone, the odds are still against finding a compatible partner. As they say, there are always plenty more fish in the sea and that's a large portion of the problem since the more fish there are swimming around in the ocean of romance, the more mismatches will be encountered in the search for a harmonious relationship that will develop into something more serious. So although a journey through the tunnel of love with the "right" person can be a rewarding experience, often many trips through that murky and mysterious tunnel with an unpleasant person must be endured before reaching the promised land of marital bliss (or at least something approximating a pleasant relationship).


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Complaints get old and kind of lame
Sob stories are basically all the same
It's not your fault, you're not to blame
Cuz Cupid's got terrible aim!

The wrong people hook up all the time
It's hard to tell the good from the slime
You dream of love and the sweetest kisses
But that stupid Cupid, he always misses!

If you always lose when you play the game
Don't knock yourself out or hang your head in shame
It's not your fault, you're not to blame
Cuz Cupid's got terrible aim!

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