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The Ancient Origins of Christmas

      Many conflicting theories exist pertaining to the origin of Christmas. Recently, all of them have been shown to be incorrect and it turns out that the true origin of Christmas is much more ancient than previously believed. The fact is that the dinosaurs were the first creatures on Earth to celebrate Christmas. However, many traditions developed by the dinosaurs have been modified by modern humans. For instance, originally the dinosaurs called the holiday "Crusty Mess." (See the video for details.) Additionally, instead of presents under the tree, the dinosaurs placed eggs beneath the tree. On the other hand, both celebrations occurred within days of the Winter Solstace and were occasions of great peace and joy. How all this impacts modern humans is difficult to say. It may be upsetting for traditionalists who have a fixed set of beliefs pertaining to the holiday, but for others this new perspective will add to the meaning of Christmas and provide connections to the ancient past never before realized.


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Ancient truths revealed
A story so sublime
The dinosaurs made Christmas
Way back in time

They celebrated yearly
On the shortest day
It got a little messy
But they liked it that way

If we are honest
We really must confess
The origins of Christmas
Were a crusty mess

Believe ye not the lies
Of more recent lores
Christmas was invented
By the dinosaurs!

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