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Another Year

      Generally speaking, a year lasts 365 days or 52 weeks or twelve months. During the year there are four seasons and all sorts of annual events of special interest depending on where you live and what organizations you associate with. Much of what we do during the course of a year might be considered to be common drudgery, but even during the inevitable tedium of life there is usually something compelling which we look forward to. As long as we have good health and the necessary essentials of life, most of us find great pleasure in our daily existence. Of course, we can never take our lives for granted and should never forget how easily life can come to an end. Therefore it is important to cherish each moment that we are alive and to take steps to maximize our enjoyment of the time we spend on this planet which makes one trip around the sun each year.


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The hands on the clock go round and round
The months fly by at the speed of sound
The last one is over, a new one is here
It's time to start... another year

Take down the old caldendar
And put up a new one
January's here again
The new year has begun

The Earth does laps around the sun
It just keeps going, it's never done
Back so soon, again we're here
It's time to start... another year

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