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Anti-Valentine's Day

      For many people Valentine's Day is an enjoyable holiday, but not everyone considers it to be all that great. In fact, if one does a few web searches it quickly becomes apparent that there is considerable animosity felt towards the holiday. These negative feelings take various forms with "Singles Awareness Day" and "Anti-Valentine's Day" being a couple of the more noticeable labels attached to this negativity. However, people are more likely to engage in negative behavior on an individual basis on Valentine's Day. For instance, one could send little personalized gifts of hate to those one dispises by having customed made candy hearts made. These candy hearts could be decorated with all sorts of mean comments. In fact, this is exactly the type of behavior engaged in by the protagonist of the song/video embedded on this page. Such a mean, nasty, spiteful person! If this were Christmas, he'd be called a Grinch, but since we're talking Valentine's Day, maybe something like a Grump would work better.


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Love is alright, but hate is great
And for Anti-Valentine's Day he can't wait
For weeks and weeks he works to prepare
And on Anti-Valentine's Day he loves to share

Snarky insults and the meanest phrases
When it comes to bridges he likes blazes
Love is alright, but kind of lame
So nasty hate is his favorite game

Dancing Turdman
With a lame plan
He's got a nasty treat
Just for you!

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