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      The history of the apple is somewhat unusual in many ways. Although the apple originated in Kazakhstan, it developed into the form we now recognize over a period of centuries in various areas around the world. Here in North America the apple as it has been known since the end of Prohibition (approximately 1933) is very different from what it was before that period in our history. Prior to Prohibition the apple was primarily used to make cider. Since then it has primarily been eaten as a fruit or for making pies and such. Complicating matters is the fact that apples do not grow "true to seed" as they say. Seeds from an apple are not likely to grow into trees which produce palatable fruit. Back in the cider days this was not a problem since cider was supposed to be sour and once fermented this didn't make much difference. Today, however, fruit-producing trees are the result of grafting. It is extremely rare for an apple grown from seed to produce tasty fruit.


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Winesap, Jonanthan, and Macintosh
So delicious, oh my gosh!
Braeburn and Fuji some like best
I say they all pass the taste test

Red Delicious
And green ones too
Maybe Granny Smith
Would be best for you!

Crimson, Gala, and Jonagold
Some taste subtle and others taste bold
Some love to pick them fresh from the tree
Some love the scent blowing in the breeze

Apples are juicy
Apples are sweet
Apples are the best fruit
That you can eat

Red Delicious
And green ones too
Maybe Granny Smith
Would be best for you!

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