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April Snow

      After a very dry January and February, March turned out to be wetter than normal, producing a prodigious amount of precipitation. So far, it looks like April will be very much like March. The snow featured in this video was produced by a snowstorm during early April 2020. Although such storms sometimes occur during April in the southern Sierra Nevada Range, they are somewhat exceptional, not exactly rare, but far from something which can be counted on. With three of the last five years being drought year, this extra precipitation is very much appreciated. However, snow can be a hassle and so although it's pretty, it can force people to change plans and do a little rescheduling! Of course, snow does offer the opportunity to make a fun video and so although the snow shown in this video had almost all completely melted away after only two hours, the beauty produced was captured at least to some extent in this video! Enjoy!


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The previous snow had melted away
Two weeks later, to the day
And then it happened again overnight
A snowstorm left a blanket of white

April snow like a thief in the night
It fell down on everything in sight

A silent invasion, a quiet conquest
A gentle takeover, who would have guessed?
And then it kept falling all morning long
It looks like winter is still going strong!

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