Wild Weeds

      Although she looks like a ten-year-old and possesses the singing voice of a squeaky mouse, the general public has been willing to patiently tolerate this bubblegum pop sensation until recently. Caught on a security camera in a donut shop, Ms. Grande revealed herself to be a spoiled brat who in her own words "hates America." Although she claims to not be too fond of donuts, she is shown in the video licking a donut. It's hard to say if, despite her claims to the contrary, she finds the little morsels irresistible or if she was for some reason attempting to spoil the donut for the customer unfortunate enough to purchase the one she licked. What ever the case may be, there's no doubt that Ms. Grande displayed a rather unpleasant side of her personality for all the world to see while on a casual visit to a donut shop with friends.


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Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande

Squeaks like a member of
The Mickey Mouse Club
She's a spoiled brat with
The brains of a shrub

She's a dirty donut licker
Disgusting and rude
She needs to watch her tongue
And check her attitude

Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande

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