Wild Weeds
Bad Little Bunny

      It seems that every spring a baby bunny shows up in my yard and hangs out for several months, eating my plants in the process. This uninvited guest does some damage, but as it turns out most of the plants I now have in my backyard are not the kind of thing that rabbits like to eat and so the bunny mostly eats just weeds until they run out or dry out, whichever comes first. There are a few ornamental plants that still get nibbled on, however. Most notably, the bunnies seem to like the flowers of Mexican Evening Primrose, although they leave the leaves alone. Also the bunny will nibble on small quantities of several other plants. Apparently the bunnies can tolerate small quantities of these plants, but too much would cause problems for them. Additionally, the bunnies will munch on very young sprouts of certain other plants including iris shoots and even palm fronds. Oddly enough, although purslane is edible for humans, I have not seen the bunnies eating this plant. So, by way of summary, although bunnies are somewhat destructive, I've increasingly planted bunny-resistant plants in my yard and so the damage is minimal.


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Eating flowers, chomping on a leaf
Hopping through the garden, hungry little thief
Hiding in the planter behind a little shrub
Eating all he wants, leaving just a stub

Bad little bunny - munching vegetation
Bad little bunny - has no invitation
Bad little bunny - he's eating all the time
Bad little bunny - will he pay for his crime?

Hopping all around without a care or worry
He's an eating machine, although he's small and furry
Caught in the act, he hops under the fence
Escapes the crime scene and eats the evidence

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