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      The "Slap Heard Around The World" as it is being called was truly a bizarre event. Many people figure it must have been some kind of publicity stunt since that is the explanation which makes the most sense. Otherwise it would seem that Will Smith is psychologically unstable and unable to take a mild and harmless joke. Additionally, under normal circumstances someone who disrupts a public event, as did Will Smith, would be ejected, and so it's reasonable to be suspicious about this incident which has been widely discussed and scrutinized. Alopecia areata (aka, AA or patchy hair loss) is an unfortunate and potentially embarrassing condition and it is not nice to belittle someone suffering from the condition. However, Chris Rock's joke did not belittle Jada Pinkett Smith in any way. It was just light teasing at most and a cute joke in general. Besides that, if she were to make a cameo appearance in a GI Jane sequel, she might make a little extra money, not that she or her husband need it.


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If your wife is bald take this advice
Consider purchasing a gallon of shampoo for lice
And if that doesn't work a little bit at all
Maybe she can moonlight as a crystal ball

According to rumor
A good sense of humor
Will lessen the doom fer
Good ole G. I. Jane

Your wife is so bald that as a result
I could almost swear that she's part of a cult
And as a joke pertaining to her dome
Maybe for Christmas you can buy her a comb

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