Wild Weeds
Belly Flowers

      Sometimes it's necessary to get down on the ground to get a good look at certain very small wildflowers. In fact, sometimes one must actually get down on one's belly in order to get a good look at them! Hence the nickname belly flowers! Most of these tiny flowers aren't around for long. They may be present for only a few short weeks before they die off. Hence another term often applied to them is ephemerals. There are some belly flowers which may last a bit longer, but many have a very short life cycle, producing seeds and then not sprouting for another ten months the following spring. So, look at them while you can and take the effort to get down and look at them closely. There's a whole bunch of interesting plants which you might otherwise fail to notice!


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They're really small and close to the ground
You might even step on one while walking around
Their tiny little flowers are easy to miss
But don't fail to notice that they exist

They're called belly flowers, it's not hard to see why
They're easier to see if they're magnified
They come in different colors: yellow, pink, and blue
And most are shorter than the tip of your shoe

It's easy not to notice them, but such a sad mistake
And seeing as they're on the ground like a rattlesnake
It would be wise to be aware
Of the things that grow way down there

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