Wild Weeds
Better Is Good, But Best Is Better

      If better is good and best is better, then does that mean that best is good? That's a fun little circular logic conundrum for you to ponder. Otherwise, this video is basically a parody of a language arts lesson on the the topic of adjectives in their comparative and superlative forms, keeping in mind, of course, that there are irregularities worthy of note such as little, less, and least or far, further, and furthest. Beyond that there are adjectives which require more and most in order to become comparative or superlative such as terrifying, more terrifying, and most terrifying. Please enjoy this little grammar lesson parody presentation and please keep in mind that this is not a serious presentation!


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It's nice to be good, but gooder is better
But better ain't quite a record setter
It's great to try, but that's not enough
The tough get going when the going gets tough

Better is good, but best is better, just like....
Wetter is wet, but wettest is wetter
If you're gonna become a record setter
Then you'd better get going, the sooner the better

It's good to be nice and it's nice to be good
But best is best, I hope that's understood
This pearl of wisdom must be expressed:
Better is alright, but best is best!

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