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Needleman-Wunsch Demo

     The Needleman-Wunsch algorithm is normally utilized to compare amino acid or nucleotide sequences and produce a score indicating the degree to which they are similar. Penalties are assessed for insertions, deletions, and mismatches. A score of 1.0 indicates a perfect match. Near matches generally result in scores somewhere above 0.4 and complete mismatches can result in negative scores, although scores can vary depending on the scoring scheme being used. In this example the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm is applied to a translation test. Feedback produced doesn't just indicate to the student whether or not the entered response is right or wrong. Instead a score is produced indicating how close the response is to the actual correct response. Also answers which are completely wrong can result in negative scores. Although this demo makes no provisions for synonyms, it does provide more feedback than would be the case with an either right or wrong type of quiz.


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Needleman-Wunsch Demo

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