Wild Weeds
Bombs Away

      It appears that Cold War 2.0 has officially arrived. Plenty of saber-rattling on both sides and there's little doubt that the weapons in question have become far more lethal. Under what circumstances either side would use nuclear weapons is a huge unknown and, of course, the situation is not as simple as a one-on-one contest between two superpowers, since there are many nations with nuclear capabilities. However, the two nations with the most advanced weapons and delivery systems remain the United States and Russia. Why these two nations insist on antagonizing each other is a bit hard to understand since they have so much in common, but it seems like both countries are deadset (no pun intended) on mutual destruction. So, if anyone was feeling nostalgic for the good old days during Cold War 1.0, then there is no need to feel that way anymore since Cold War 2.0 is here!


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There's no safe place on this earth
Regardless of your gender at birth
And there are pillows, shoes, and baseball bats
They can all end your life and that is a fact

You think all day of the bomb
Falling on you from out of the sky
You think all day of the bomb
And you forget all the other ways you could die

Let's get creative and end all doubt
You could die on a plate of sauerkraut
And there's always cats let us not forget
You could be done in by your own little pet


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