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Bookmarks Are Awesome

      It is highly likely that bookmarks were invented soon after the invention of books. Although there are other ways of keeping track of where one is in a book (such as bending a corner of a page), bookmarks are the most convenient and reliable method of keeping one's place in a book. In fact, Bibles sometimes even come with built in bookmarks in the form of ribbons attached to the spine of the book. Although bookmarks can be quite fancy and highly decorated, many items can serve as makeshift bookmarks. For instance, business cards, paperclips, dollar bills, playing cards, folded paper, popsickle sticks, pipe cleaner, and sticky notes all can serve the purpose when necessary. However, actual bookmarks are preferable since they are designed specifically for the function of keeping one's place in a book. On top of that, often such bookmarks are creatively decorated and feature fun designs which add a little flair or pizzazz to enhance the reading experience just a little bit.


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Bookmarks are useful
They help you keep your place
Bookmarks don't cost much
And they take up little space

Bookmarks help you when
Things get distracting
They keep you on track
When time is lacking

Bookmarks are helpful
They keep you organized
Bookmarks are awesome
You'll use one if you're wise

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