Wild Weeds
Faces on the Boulders

      The boulders scattered around the Argus Peak area of Searles Valley (including Great Falls Basin and Indian Joe Canyon) are extremely interesting, perhaps even grotesquely picturesque. In this video I visit some of the boulders near Rattlesnake Springs, Crow Canyon, and the upper portion of Great Falls Basin. Also appearing in the song is a millipede. There were quite a few of them out and about on the day that filmed this video! It wasn't like I was in any danger of getting run over by a millipede stampede, but their numbers were greater than usual to say the least! The song featured in this video plods along at less than half the tempo of the vast majority of my songs and it includes only four lumbering lines of lyrics. I guess you could say that this song is a bit of a change of pace!


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I'm seeing faces on the boulders
And yeah, they're giving me the creeps
And though some say they're just imaginary
I wouldn't wake one while it sleeps

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