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      Coffee and to a lesser extent tea are two beverages that many people consume on a daily basis. In fact, it's not an exaggeration to state that some people are addicted to these two beverages. That's especially true in the case of coffee, but certain types of tea can also contain substances which can cause addiction. Although many people like the taste of coffee and tea, it appears to be the case that their stimulant properties seem to be their main appeal. On top of that it's the case that coffee and tea are part of the morning rituals of millions of people around the world. For some people coffee is an essential part of getting revved up enough to deal with whatever they have planned for the day. Of course, those who are actually addicted to these beverages may suffer withdrawl symptoms if they fail to get their daily fix. These symptoms may include headaches, agitation, or other mild, but disruptive, physical reactions.


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Tea is known to calm the soul
And coffee energizes
Many people grab a cup
When the sun rises

There must be a better brew
At least in some respects
Something which can satisfy
Without the side effects

Several cups throughout the day
Some people do consume
Followed by subsequent
Visits to the restroom

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