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Bucket List

      Although New Year's Day is a great day to create or update your Bucket List, any day will work. For those of you who don't already know, a Bucket List is a list of things you want to accomplish before you say farewell to this life. Items on this list could be places you want to go, feats you'd like to accomplish, things you hope to get done, or any other goal you consider important. Whether it's climbing a mountain, learning a language, visiting a foreign country, completing a college degree, writing a book, or just about any other deed, achievement, exploit, or dream you can imagine, it can go on your bucket list. It's a personal kind of thing and in many ways it's a statement of what's important to you. So, make your list and start working to make the items on it happen. Good luck!


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Sail with pirates to a far off land
Make a bucket list
Sit on top a dune of sand
Make a bucket list
Don't be afraid to dream a bit
There's so much you could do
Spend an hour in a viper pit
Or maybe start a zoo

Shave off every strand of hair
Make a bucket list
Expose your chest and ride a bear
Make a bucket list
It's like dreaming, but you're wide awake
There's no need to resist
A promise to yourself you make
When you make a bucket list

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