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Bug Bomb

      Insects can be a total nuisance and when they invade your house they may go beyond being merely annoying and may actually do damage to your home or possibly cause physical injury to someone in the house. For this reason the intrusion of insects into a residence is no laughing matter. Sometimes it's even necessary to get professional help with the problem and hire an exterminator. Obviously that can be a bit on the pricey side and so often people take the do-it-yourself approach and fumigate their house themselves by using a bug bomb or home insect fogger. Whether the problem is roaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, silverfish, or any other unwelcome pest, the idea is to eliminate them and a bug bomb might just do the job!!


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It turns out that we've got an infestation
The inspector recommends a fumigation
But the price he quoted is way too high
It shouldn't cost so much to make bugs die!

Setting off a bug bomb
Knock 'em out and then some
Instant death in a can
Kill 'em all - that's the plan!

Setting off a bomb in the middle of the house
Nothing will survive not a bug or a mouse
The house will be filled with poison smoke
Which the bugs will breath and then they'll croak

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