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Bugs Are Destructive

      The list of adjectives used to describe bugs is long and includes words such as annoying, bothersome, infuriating, exasperating, irksome, and vexatious. In short, bugs are generally considered to be a nuisance. That's not to say that all bugs are a nuisance, just the vast majority of them! In fact, the list of destructive and annoying things done by bugs could probably fill a book. They sting, get into food, weaken wooden structures, transmit diseases, eat garden and houseplants, ruin clothing, and they do many other things which are harmful or detrimental in some way. It's not surprising that people go to great lengths to keep bugs under control. There are screens to keep them from entering dwellings, containers are used to protect food from them, various repellants are available to discourage them from hanging out, and pesticides are even used to kill them. The conclusion that people do not like bugs for the most part is impossible to escape and it's probably not an overstatement to assert that bugs are one of the most despised of all living creatures.


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Never underestimate
The power of bugs
They can drive you crazy and
They can live underneath your rugs

Bugs are destructive
Bugs are bad
And they can do things
That make you mad

Bugs are quite capable
Of eating your house
So you need to defend yourself
From each and every louse!

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