Wild Weeds
Evil Bunny

      It's amazing how much little bunnies can eat! The first action I took to get rid of the bunnies was to attempt to bunny-proof my fence, which was already rabbit-proof, BTW. As it turns out a little bunny can hop right through a gap in the fence which is less than two inches wide. So, in order to bunny-proof my fence I'd have to buy a ton of chicken wire and tack it up around the full perimeter of my yard. Not happening! Instead I purchased rabbit-resistant plants to replace the plants that had been eaten by the bunnies. Rabbits don't like garlic, rosemary, wormwood, Russian sage, or other plants with a strong smell. Also they won't eat poisonous plants such as oleanders or datura and, obiously, plants with spines are not bothered by rabbits either. I had particular difficulty finding a ground cover that the bunnies wouldn't eat. So far the myoporum I planted has been ignored by the bunnies. Hopefully it will be able to survive the ridiculously hot summers here in Trona!


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Little bunny in my backyard
Ravenous herbivore
You eat my plants and I hope you realize
That this means war!

You nibble here and you nibble there
My yard's a salad just for you
Missing plants are evidence
Of the evil that you do!

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