Wild Weeds
Trees! Bushes!

      Johnson Canyon is one of the wettest canyons in Death Valley National Park and the site of Hungry Bill's Ranch, which back in the 1870s supplied fruit and vegetables to mining operations in the area. There are still fruit and nut trees growing at this site, but most of them are in pretty bad condition. Besides the fruit and nut trees (fig, apple, walnut), there are plenty of native plants to be found at this site including Panamint dudleya, ephedra, stream orchid, mistletoe, desert paintbush, and apricot mallow, as well as a couple of different species of cactus. Besides all the plants, there's an arrastre along the trail to Hungry Bill's Ranch and in the evening a chorus of frogs is likely to keep you company.


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Trees! Bushes! All around!
With their roots stuck in the ground
They cannot move or get out of the way
They're going no where, they're here to stay

Some have spines
And some are hairy
But all plants are

They do not come, they do not go
All they seem to do is grow
They soak up the sun or sway in the breeze
Gosh darn lazy! Bushes! Trees!

TRIP PICS: Johnson Canyon (April 2012)

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