Wild Weeds
Heart-Shaped Candy

      Candy is a big part of many holiday celebrations and for Valentine's Day it is common for candy to be heart-shaped. There are chocolate hearts, sweetart hearts, jelly bean hearts, and just about any candy you can think of molded into the shape of a heart. Sometimes hearts even have words on them expressing ideas relevant to the themes associated with Valentine's Day. Although people sometimes give Valentine's Day cards to each other, candy often takes the place of a card since frequently candy wrappers and containers have "TO:" and "FROM:" printed on them for this purpose. Even cakes and jello molds may be heart-shaped in commemoration of Saint Valentine's Day. Clearly the shape of an item has nothing to do the taste of the item, but part of the fun of holiday festivities has to do with replicating the symbols associated with each holiday and obviously for Valentine's Day the heart is the most prominent symbol for that day.


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Do you want some candy
Shaped like little hearts?
Or maybe you'd prefer
Some pink sweet tarts

Candy to the rafters
More than you can eat
Your wildest desire for
Something sweet

Love may be forever
But candy tastes so good
Substitute desires
So misunderstood

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