Wild Weeds
Carlos Danger

      It's hard to say if political sex scandals are more annoying than entertaining or if it's the other way around. On the one hand, they usually spawn a bunch of crude jokes and humorous commentary, but, on the other hand, you'd think that our leaders would have the good sense to act more responsibly. After all, if they can't exercise a little self-control in their private lives, how can they be trusted to look out for the welfare of the country? Admittedly the media probably spends a little too much time scrutinizing the private affairs of politicians and other celebrities, but most likely that's just the result of the public's insatiable appetite for scandal and news stories involving sexual behavior of one kind or another.

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Sending off a message in the middle of the night
It's a risk he must take - wrong or right
It's not complicated, but you wouldn't understand
He's a cunning and macho, mysterious man

You might want to know
But then again you might not
Cuz the water he's in
Itsa getting kinda hot

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