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Carrot Juice

      Although there is no doubt that fresh vegetable and fruit juice tastes delicious, there has been significant debate regarding the nutritional value of juice in general. Despite the hype produced by companies promoting juice-making machines and companies selling juice products which contain nothing but unadulterated, pure liquid squeezed out of natural fruits and vegetables, there is not a lot of evidence that drinking lots of juice is necessarily all that good for you. In fact, it is clear that drinking the juice of a fruit or vegetable is not nearly as beneficial, from a health and nutrition standpoint, as is eating the whole fruit or vegetable. However, juice is better than nothing and so if a person isn't eating whole fruits or vegetables, drinking their juice is at least a way of partially making up for their absence in the diet. The most obvious drawback of juice compared with eating the whole fruit or vegetable is the fact that juice is lacking in, or extremely low in, fiber. Also it's a highly concentrated source of naturally occurring sugar and hence calories. On top of that, it's less filling and so it's more likely that a person will munch other foods, some of which may be less than healthy, in order to become satiated. So, despite the great taste, juice should not be counted on as a nutritionally sound method of including plenty of fruits and vegetables in one's diet.


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Hiking down the trail
Working up a thirst
Can't make up my mind
What do I want the worst

I could soak my tired tootsies
In an ice cold stream
Or take a little nap and
Drift off into a dream... of...

Carrot juice - on the loose
Carrot juice - it's no use
To try to resist the refreshing taste
So pour some carrot juice into your face!

It's hard to explain
The taste treat that you're missing
So, try some carrot juice and
Put an end to all the guessing

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