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Cat God

      Preferring the finer things in life, cats can be picky eaters. They often turn their noses up when presented with ordinary, dry cat food, preferring something a little more tasty and worthy of their divine disposition. Epicureans by nature, cats adore fish and poultry, and although they may sometimes settle for canned cat food featuring these flavors, they prefer the real thing. Cat food companies recognize that cats have a rather discerning palate and consequently words such as tasty, feast, supreme, scrumptious, gourmet, fancy, or treat often appear on cat food labels. Consumers desperate to please their finicky felines frequently discover that the products offered by companies that produce cat food fall short when it comes to satisfying the typical cat's desire for food which is truly delicious. Whereas dogs are known to have hearty appetites and a tendency to eat just about anything, cats are more difficult to please and consequently cat owners must work especially hard to please their demanding cats. As is befitting of their dignified demeanor, cats care more about quality than quantity. Anything less would be ungodly.


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All hail the cat god!

The cat god is hungry
His stomach must be filled
When it comes to cat food
He's not exactly thrilled

All hail the cat god!

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