Wild Weeds
The Center of the Middle

      The center of the middle or the middle of the center, it doesn't really matter, but what is important is the question of What lies within? The problem with ascertaining the answer to this question is that it is sometimes necessary to destroy the object of one's inquiry. It's somewhat of a having one's cake and eating it too kind of situation. In order to satisfy your curiosity you may have to sacrifice the object. If you want to keep the object in good shape, you might not be able to obtain the answer to the question. It's a matter, ultimately, of which objective is a higher priority. On the other hand, sometimes there's a way around this dilemma as when someone else sacrifices their object and shares the answer with others. This probably accounts, at least in part, for the popularity of many such videos on YouTube.


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If you like to crush or cut
Or saw, break, tear, or whittle
Then take a journey to the
Center of the middle

Demands exploration
With great velocity
And direct penetration

If you wonder what's inside
Even just a little
Then take a journey to the
Center of the middle

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