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CHANGE: The Only Constant

      It's a bit of a cliche, but as Heraclitus said, "Change is the only constant." In fact, when it comes to CHANGE, there are a lot of cliches. The video featured on this page includes a few of them, but more importantly CHANGE is often a theme of inspirational presentations intended to persuade people to accept some imminent alteration of working conditions or corporate policy. Most often there is no good reason for the change, which makes it even more important to SELL the change and that's when the cliches about change and the trite, little anecdotal stories are unleashed on the work force. Most people over the age of thirty have endured this type of presentation at least a few times during their lives and for some people its an almost annual event. Ultimately, while change can be a good thing, often it is anything but productive.


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Life is full of changes
Some are for the best
Others maybe not so much
Who knows about the rest?

Change might be a way
To give the past the slip
Or change could be nothing
But a slowly sinking ship

When it comes to changes
Some take it all in stride
Some eagerly anticipate
And others try to hide

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