Wild Weeds
Melodramatic Chipmunk

      This little chipmunk was captured on video while hiking to the Onion Valley trailhead on the way down from a hike to Kearsarge Pass in the Sierra Nevada Range. He was just hanging out minding his own business when a friend and I stopped to take a quick break. Although the video clips of the chipmunk are not of super high quality, they did inspire me to write a rather evil-sounding song! Interestingly, I've written several rather mean songs about cute little animals. Although my songs about tarantulas and snakes are usually more positive in nature, songs I write about cute little mammals tend to have a negative or sinister mood to them. For instance, consider "Evil Ground Squirrels" as compared to "Snake in a Tree" or either of the two songs I've written about rosy boas.


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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I see you little chipmunk
You fool no one!
You'll get what's coming to you
When the day is all done

You'll get what's coming to you! (x4)

A snake will crawl into your hole
And eat you whole
And that will be the end of your
Putrid chipmunk soul

You'll get what's coming to you! (x4)

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