Wild Weeds
Chocolate Drops (Caulanthus pilosus)

      As a member of the Brassicaceae (Mustard Family), Chocolate Drops in many ways has the classic mustard-like appearance often seen from members of this plant family. However, its flowers are definitely not typical of the family. Sure the flowers have the normal count of the various parts (four petals, four sepals, and six stamens with four being long and two short), but other than that its flowers are atypical for the Mustard Family. Actually there are two genera in the Mustard Family with flowers similar to Chocolate Drops: Streptanthus and Caulanthus. However, the vast majority of members of the Mustard Family produce much more "normal" looking flowers. Chocolate Drops is just one of many species of Caulanthus and many plants in both Caulanthus and Streptanthus are referred to as Jewelflowers. Incidentally, the Brassicaceae is also sometimes referred to as the Cabbage Family and as Cruciferae.


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It may not be a cure
For a case of halitosis
But its proper scientific name is
Caulanthus pilosus

Also know as wild cabbage too

Big brown sepals and
Petals that are white
The sepals keep the petals
Almost hidden from sight

Not quite exactly candy
Like lollipops
But just the same its common name is
Chocolate drops

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