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Chubby Like

      Product placement in movies and videos has been going on for quite some time. Celebrity endorsements are also very common. In either case a ton of money might be exchanged for the good publicity gained as a result of this form of advertising. Although it is hard to make the argument that it is unethical to engage in such practices, it may be the case that the integrity of those involved may be compromised. That said, often the money involved makes it all seem worth it. The song and video on this page are parodies of a song and video by a guy named Walker Hayes called "Fancy Like." In the original presentation a couple restaurants get mentioned (Wendy's and Applebee's) and a story is told about a girlfriend who is easy to please and who likes to eat out at both the aforementioned restaurants. In fact, she is described as "double wide" in the song, which makes it sound as if she's a little bit overweight. Of course, this is to expected if the couple dines out on a regular basis. Between the super-sized fries, the greasy burgers, and the high calorie milkshakes, it is unlikely that most people would fail to put on a little extra weight!


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My girl loves eatin' - She's always stuffin'
Her mouth full with an over-sized muffin
She like MacDonald's and she like Wendy's
She like super-sized fries and ten Frosties

Dropping restaurant names is my game plan
Hope they sign me up soon as a spokesman

Yeah, she's chubby like Burger King or some Subway chow
She's a certified porker and a fat, fat cow
She like KFC and some Dairy Queen too
If ya don't getta runnin' she might even eat you
Taco Bell, big beef burritos
And some Wingstop wings would be neat-o
Some In-N-Out Burgers and some Domino's delight
She never stops eating she's like - mooo!

Chubby like - mooo!

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