Wild Weeds

      People flock to the mountains during the summer to escape the heat, but sometimes the weather at higher elevations can be a little cooler than expected. Clouds often gather and storms producing hail or snow are not unheard of during the middle of the summer in many mountain ranges. As a result, sometimes inclement weather can interfere with recreational plans. Although light hail or snow can make outdoor activities interesting due to the novelty of such weather events during the summer, when things get really nasty the fun disappears. The situation can even get dangerous in particularly severe storms or when lightning is involved. In fact, many people have died on mountaintops as the result of lightning strikes. So, although a few clouds up in the mountains can offer relief from the summer heat, sometimes the relief goes a little too far and people get more coolness than they bargained for!


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McGee Creek, Sierra Nevada Range, July 2015

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Fluffy white, sometimes gray
They block the sun during the day
Some people say they look like cottonballs
But some people are as dumb as dolls

Clouds in the sky
Drifting by
Hiding the lofty peaks
From the eye

Freezing cold on a mountain top
This hail and rain - it just won't stop
When it's a cold, damp, dark day
I wish the clouds would go away!

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