Wild Weeds

      Cookies are irresistible. For this reason it's not surprising that some people become cookie fanatics. There are so many wonderful types of cookies that it's difficult to conceive of anyone ever growing tired of the wonderful morsels. There are oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, filled cookies such as fig Newtons, various sandwich type cookies, and an interesting assortment of other variations on the general cookie theme. The one big drawback of all this wonderful yumminess is that it's easy to eat too many cookies and that can result in weight gain and accumulation of adipose tissue. So, keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be bad and keep your cookie eating under control and resist the urge to scarf down too many at one time. Spread them out and enjoy the goodness on a regular basis, but don't get gluttonous!


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Cookies taste really great
Put some cookies on a plate
Share them, eat them, love them too
Then wash them down with your favorite brew

Cookies come in many kinds
Some are covered with little lines
Stuff a cookie into your face
But don't let the crumbs fall all over the place!

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