Wild Weeds

      The cows in this video spend the summer at Monache Meadows, which sits at an elevation of 8000 feet and is located in the southern Sierra Nevadas. At one time cows wandered around all summer long throughout this region, but the creation of wilderness areas has drastically reduced their range. Ranchers obviously were less than pleased with the creation of these wilderness areas, but it's impossible to deny that the cattle negatively impact the natural vegetation found in mountainous habitats. For now a balance has been struck between the needs of ranchers and the need to preserve wilderness, and as long as the ranchers act responsibly it is likely that they will be able to use the areas which are still open to grazing of livestock for quite some time.


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Munching grass and getting fat
Barely aware of where they're at
Out on the pasture you'll find
Lots of cowzzz!

Cows in water
Cows near mountains
Cows by fences
Cows on grass!

Hanging out in large herds
Standing around and making turds
Out on the pasture you'll see
Lots of cowzzz!

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