Wild Weeds
The Dummy's Curse

      Politics in the USA seems to just keep getting dumber and dumber all the time. Some would say that we have reached depths of dumbness which are truly horrific. And that's exactly why politics and Halloween go together so perfectly. There's just something undeniably terrifying about the host of characters filling leadership roles in our country. It almost seems to be the case that dumbness is a requirement for serving in Congress or in the White House. Even judges on the Supreme Court often seem to be witless zombies who got to where they are not because of merit, but because they happen to know other worthless brainlets who happened to serve in government. That may sound cynical, but a large number of people would tend to agree with this assessment of the current state of affairs. It's hard to deny that the scariest monsters in our country serve in leadership roles in Washington D.C. and rather than deny that reality, it's best to "celebrate" it every Halloween!


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Just in time for Halloween
Zombies have emerged
Like an ages old disease
Which we thought was cured

It's hard to imagine
Any thing much worse
We've been afflicted by
The dummy's curse!

The wicked witch herself
Sees them as disgraces
Send them back where they came
Deplorable basketcases

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