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Cute Little Bird

      Although it can be fun to watch birds frolicking around in the yard, they do have their drawbacks. At the top of the list is their propensity to indiscriminately poop while in flight or while sitting in a tree. If you've ever seen a car that's been parked a little too long beneath a bird infested tree, then you are acquainted with the third most horrific problem involving bird turds. However, coming in second place is actually being hit by bird droppings. It's bad enough to have such debris land on one's hat or coat, but when it hits your bare skin it's particularly repulsive. Getting now to the ultimate in disgusting, we have the situation where falling bird waste actually lands in one's food. Obviously, the food must be disgarded after being contaminated in this manner, but what do you do when you don't realize that a bird turd landed in your food until you watch a video showing a turd landing in food that you have since ingested?


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Flying in the air so happy and free
Flying all around from tree to tree
Cute little bird, cute little bird
Flying all around what a cute little bird!

Flying in the air so happy and free
It lays a turd right on top of me
Cute little bird, cute little bird
It lays a turd what a cute little bird!

How could such a cute
Whittle, bitty birdy
Ever even make
Such a messy turdy?

A whittle sweet kitty climbs up in a tree
And scares the bird off away from me
Cute little bird, cute little bird
That's the end of that cute little bird!

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