Wild Weeds
Stupid Dawg

      Although many people consider dogs to be "man's best friend," not everyone is so found of canines. In fact, many people wind up stuck with dogs as pets and wish they could get rid of them, but feel obliged to keep the dirty beasts for any number of possible reasons. This song is about a guy who has a dog that he wished would just run away. It's clear from the way the song is delivered that the guy feels no animosity or malice towards the dog, but that the dog is just too much trouble to keep. Let's face it, pets are a lot of work and unless a person really likes animals, they just aren't worth the bother! Besides many pets can be expensive and they often irritate the neighbors and so many people feel that the benefits of having pets are far outweighed by the costs of keeping the dang varmints around!


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I think my dog is brain dead
At least I'm pretty sure
My dog is plain retarded
And I don't think there's a cure!

My dog is so stupid
He barks all night and sleeps all day
My dog is so stupid
He pooped on the rug just the other day
My dog is so stupid
He farts all night and sleeps all day
My dog is so stupid
I left the gate open, he won't run away!

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