Wild Weeds
Dirty Duck Hunters

      It's probably fair to say that the guys in Duck Dynasty have a higher popularity rating than the president of the USA at this time (early 2014). Despite the recent controverial statements made by the family patriarch, or more likely because of his comments, the Duck Dynasty crew has become even more famous than they were a couple months ago. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and the way things played out over the last few weeks more or less proves this to be so. Despite the relative popularity of the famous duck hunters featured in the video embedded below, there's one faithful wife who will be standing by her man... or will she? That's hard to say, but somehow Sarah Palin gets included in this little video presentation, probably as a result of her outspoken support for the Duck Dynasty clan during the recent controversy.


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She ditched her old man for a bunch of duck hunters
She ditched his ass - left him behind
She ditched her old man for some dirty duck hunters
Cuz a bunch of sexy rednecks are so hard to find

She gave it all up for some bearded duck hunters
Cuz her old man left her empty and cold
She went out on the hunt for some guys who shoot ducks
Cuz redneck lovin' is more solid than gold!

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