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Deer DNA

      Although deer are not the first thing you might think about when you hear the name Death Valley, there are quite a few deer residing in Death Valley National Park and the northern Mojave Desert in general. What most people don't immediately realize is that the elevation in Death Valley National Park ranges from a low of 282 feet below sea level to a high of 11,049 feet above sea level. The particularly amazing thing about these two sites is that despite the immensity of Death Valley National Park, the high and low points within the park are only a few miles apart. Getting back to deer, they tend to be found at the higher elevations in the Panamint Range, Grapevine Range, Last Chance Range, Inyo Mountains, and the Argus Range. Also likely to be spotted in these areas are big horn sheep and donkeys, but those are two distinct and different topics altogether!


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Deer - eat vegetation
Deer - don't like guns, arrows, or spears
Deer - skip hibernation
Deer - have big, flexible ears

Deer think they're special
Just because they're deer
Deer munch on bushes
It's a habit of all deer

Deer - have amazing eyesight
Deer - can see things far away
Deer - hang out at twilight
Deer - ya might say it's in their DNA

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