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Delicious Duckies

      Easter candy is a lot of fun and although Easter is a religious holiday, pretty much all of the candy is formed to look like non-religious objects. "Chocolate Jesus" by Tom Waits aside, Easter candy is for the most part decidedly secular in nature. For instance, although there are candy crosses (available in both dark and white chocolate), there are far more candy bunnies, chicks, eggs, ducks, and even carrots. Not only are there quite a few interesting objects emulated in confectionary form during Easter, but there is quite a variety of ingredients and flavors used in these deliciously sweet treats. There are marshmallow peeps, peanut butter eggs, Easter lollipops, chocolate carrots, jellybeans and gumdrops of various shapes, assorted Easter-themed candy dispensers, hollow and filled milk chocolate bunnies, and even edible Easter grass, just to name a few commonly available items. While adults most likely indulge in some candy during Easter season, the majority of the candy is given to children and although there are those who might object to feeding sugary, non-nutritious substances to children, most people go along with the tradition and just think of it as a fun way to celebrate Easter.


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A very sweet and tasty treat
I ate the duck including his feet
Pretty soon I ate his brother
And then I ate another and another

Delicious duckies!
I can't stop at two!
Delicious duckies!
I want more of you!

I ate the whole bag, but wanted more
And so I had to go back to the store
I grabbed a bunch, but still I fear
There's no way that they'll last a year!

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