Wild Weeds
The Dems

      The democrats have become a party of conspiracy theorists. In fact, they're trying to convince the American people that the events of January sixth should be considered some kind of attempted insurrection. No sane person would take such a claim seriously. There were a few trespassers and maybe a few insignificant acts of vandalism, but compared to the widespread riots of the previous summer these were extremely trivial indiscretions. There seems to be a disconnect with reality prevalent among democrats and whether they are conscious of this or whether they believe their own horse manure is difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, never before in the history of the USA have we seen a political party lead by such a large group of lunatics! While there are extremists among the conservatives, things are not nearly so bad with the republicans. Being a moderate myself, I am annoyed by extremists on either side of the liberal-conservative continuum.


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Who's old ideas are worthless and putrid?
Who has a head that's filled with stale air?
Who cackles like a braindead hyena?
Everyone knows it's the dems

And they want to take your guns
You'll have no rights when they're done
More taxes for everyone
They do not care!

Who's always in the kichen a cooking?
Who's always ready to make you a meal?
Who has a stack of dishes that need washing?
Everybody knows it's Wendy

And Wendy's got eggs to fry
And then she must bake a pie
And pile the pancakes high
And cook hash browns!

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