Wild Weeds
The Desert

      Many times words such as godforsaken, desolate, barren, and inhospitable are used to describe the desert. Although the desert may be arid and relatively uninhabited compared to coastal areas, it is the case that the desert has a unique beauty that only the most shallow and unenlightened members of the human race would fail to appreciate. That's not to say that conditions in the desert are not sometimes brutal. However, it's these harsh conditons that have interacted to produce the spectacular aesthetics which can only be experienced in the desert. With such beauty simply waiting to be experienced, it is no wonder that many people love to hike in the desert. Photographers also flock to the desert in great numbers in order to capture its beauty. However, if you're planning on visiting the desert, it's best to avoid the hottest days and to watch out for snakes!


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The desert has a lotta sand
And interesting rocks
The desert offers solitude
For long and dusty walks

Wondering 'round this desert land
My shoes fill up with rocks and sand

The desert's full of places
So lonely and remote
Places where it's good to stop and
Irrigate the throat

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