Wild Weeds
Desert Town

      This short presentation features Trona from the air! The video is a little shakey, but it's not easy to keep a camera steady while flying in a small airplane. Despite the poor image quality, many interesting views of Trona and the surrounding area are provided in this video, including the chemical plant, school, airport, mountains, and houses in Trona proper, Argus, and Pioneer Point. The natural beauty of the area and the interesting history of the town make Searles Valley and the town of Trona a unique and pleasant place to live. My guess is that many people who live in large, crowded cities would love to live in an isolated desert town if they could arrange it!

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Flying in the air above
A little desert town
Lots of little buildings
Scattered all around

It's a town in the desert
Where the summers are hot
And the wind often blows
Like it or not

If you enjoy open spaces
It's the place to be
Great places to hike
And stuff to see

Look at all the little houses
Lined up all along the street
Living in a desert town
Is really kind of neat!

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