Wild Weeds
Designer Trees Two

      Many of my songs are presented in a tongue-in-cheek fashion and should definitely not be taken at face value. Often my intention is to portray the point of view of a character that I might include in a book project in the future. That's pretty much what's going on in this song. It's also important to realize that the characters that I create often espouse views to which I am opposed. Such is the case with the character depicted in this song. Although I have no issues with genetic engineering, I am what might be called a nature freak or a tree-hugger. That's not to say that I fit nicely into that stereotype, however. I'm fascinated by the possibilities of genetic science, while at the same time quite appreciative of the natural environment. I don't see a conflict between those two interests despite the frantic whining of the anti-GMO crowd! (BTW, in 2010 I wrote another song called "Designer Trees" which is now designated as "Designer Trees One" since there is, as of this song/video, a "Designer Trees Two"!)


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I want a Christmas tree
But not the normal kind
A tree that glows like fireflies
Is a little hard to find
But rearrange some genes
Insert some DNA
The resulting mutant tree
Will be more than just okay!

Change the genetic sequence
And produce luminesence

Designer trees will happen
So don't get in the way
Scientific progress
I think it's here to stay
But nature freaks will whine
They'll moan and they'll complain
Their objections and warnings
Are worse than acid rain!

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