Wild Weeds

      This song tells the story of some people stranded in the desert. They have no toilet paper, they're almost out of food, their car won't start, and they're freezing (it's winter), but you'll never guess what their biggest complaint is! Sometimes it seems like people care more about their virtual lives than about their real lives! Considering the way that some people obsess over video games, the scenario described in this song probably isn't too far-fetched. It's true that many people are overly involved with video games. They play them for hours and hours each day and interact more with people they meet in online gaming forums than with people they know in real life. Actually some people get this way with Facebook and Twitter and other online social media forums. There probably already is some sort of rehab program for social media and video game addiction, and if there isn't, there probably will be in the not too distant future!


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The car won't start
The telephone's dead
And the power is off and
There are vultures overhead
It's looking pretty bleak
We're probably gonna die
We're running out of water
And there are no clouds in the sky
All we got is five cans of beans
And there's no toilet paper in the latrine
I'm getting sick of freezing
And this is pretty lame
And the worst thing of all is
There are no video games

We're deperate
You might say
We're desperate
We need some games to play

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