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Devil's Claw

      This plant produces one of the most unusual seedpods that you are likely to encounter anywhere in or around Death Valley! Check out the video to see what I mean. Apparently the sharp barbs at the ends of the two spurs do a good job of attaching themselves to animals that happen to step on them and as a result they sort of hitch a ride, so to speak, and in the process the seeds get dispersed far and wide, as asserted in the song. Also mentioned in the song is the fact that the seeds produced by this plant require freezing and/or abrasion in order to germinate. It seems likely that the dispersal method employed by this plant is highly likely to result in abrasion!

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Growing in the desert
Near a water source
Waiting for an animal
Like perhaps a horse
To hook its barbs deep into
In order to hitch a ride
And spread its seeds all over the place
Far and wide

The seeds won't sprout unless they're stressed
By freezing or abrasion
Seed pods stuck in their fur will
Get coyotes a ragin!

Or Devil's Claw

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